Making it easier to do good

Problem: basically the current ways of doing charity suck, are inefficient, not easy enough to access, not equitable enough, inconvenient and have not levelled up and adjusted to the times, its not easy to do good

lets just be honest with each other...

  1. I don't carry cash, so can't donate to your bucket, even though I would want to 
  2. I don't have the time to talk to you, i'm really busy right now 
  3. Please don't knock on my door, i've had a long day, i get it i get but, but let's be honest its another bill  
  4. How do I even know that this money is going to charity? how is it even being used?
  5. Fair enough dogs are cool and all that but i'd rather give that money to Great Ormond Street, or help get clean water to people
  6. See, I want to do good but, don't want to stand outside Asda with a bucket, it's cold bruv 
  7. let the truth be told, i really don't want to do a marathon, beg and guilt trip people to donating to my run ... id rather sell or buy some cupcakes, everybody wins that way
  8. And also I know that its for a good cause, but that feeling is super fleeting and I am a human, i want more ... lets just be honest 
  9. And also I do not want to give you my bank details, or subscribe or have another bill, or talk to you in the middle of the street ...
  10. Also how much are these guys being paid, what is their conversion rate, whats the R.O.I?

if were being honest that is ...there has to be a better way

Solution: commerce, win win scenarios, ease